Sister Lewis moved to Sedalia in the early part of 2006. She has been a blessing to our church, and everyone loves to hear her stories about the "old time" Pentecostal days. She could hold your attention, and keep you on the edge of your seat with details of how God has answered her prayers throughout the years. How is this small framed Godly women filled with so much glorious testimonies well, for one thing she's has the Holy Ghost since she was 11 years old, and now she's 88 years old.


Here's some of her testimony:


"I am glad to have moved here to a wonderful Pentecostal church where they are preaching the truth that we must be born again repentance filled with the Holy Ghost power baptism in the NAME of Jesus for the remission of sin."


"Oh, yes, I am proud to say I have the Holy Ghost, and I'm buried (baptism) in His Name, and I am ready and looking for Him to come anytime for His people that are called by His Name."


"I am excited about so much of our endtime preaching, and Brother Steve Palmer, our pastor, is really calling us to prayer, and the blessing is following."



Sister Lewis We Love You you are such an inspiration to us all.



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