The Heart-Brain Connection
The Heart-Brain Connection
Making the connection to life


The psalmist David writes "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psa. 139: 14). God granted man dominion over all His created things. He also gave man two unique gifts the mind and the heart. In His word, God is clear that He speaks to our heart and mind. We, on the other hand, are encouraged to open our hearts and re-think our position with God. Neurologist and psychologist have recently discovered that there is a direct link between the heart and brain. Your heart, which is the seat of your emotion, communicates with your brain on a continual basis. Together they are the depth of our human expression. Here are some interesting facts: (1) your brain contains three million years' worth of memory space, called neurons (nerve cells). It operates much like storage space on your computer. (2) There are also forty thousand neurons in your heart which functions like a mini brain. Many neurologists and psychologist unwontedly admitted that the heart/brain connection is a design by a Higher Power. So, we should be encouraged to listen to our heart.



Heart and Brain

The Two Responses


When you feel stress, overwhelm, anxiety, uncertainty and fear, the heart is sending chaotic and incoherent signals to the brain/mind, triggering stressful responses. The memory/emotions kick in, and the heart and brain are out of alignment. The results are that solutions to personal or life problems escape us. Collectively, these negative emotions are registered in the heart and brain's electromagnetic fields, generating a global stress and incoherence wave that goes out to those around us. Do you know of someone who stress-levels change the atmosphere around them? Their negative energy permeates the room affecting everyone within reach.



When you feel genuine hope, care and compassion, your heart is sending harmonious and coherent signals to the brain/mind. It replaces feelings of separation and rejection; and it delivers a sense of connection with life. The heart and brain are aligned and in sync. You perceive more wholeness; and solutions to problems are more apparent. Collectively, positive emotions such as hope, care, compassion, love and appreciation generate a global coherence wave that generates a sense of peace. When heart-brain alignment is increased, heart-based living takes precedence over an impulsive lifestyle. The bible refers to it as "abundant life".



1. You can bury your emotions, but you need to know that you are burying something that is alive.

2. Until you get your thoughts under control, no amount of knowledge, skill, or medication can help you to truly detox (purge) negative thoughts.

3. You will need courage and perseverance to confront and control your thoughts

4. Controlling your thoughts is not just the first step in purging (detoxing) buried emotions; it is the main step ... the choice is yours.